Hi, I’m Gregg. I play drums in the Ringo Starr All-Starr Band, and have worked with ELO, David Lee Roth, Santana and many more. I can advise you on taking the next steps in your career as a musician, songwriter and producer.

Ask Me About

  • Consultation on all areas of professional musicianship, including recording, touring, songwriting and production.
  • Insight into writing and publishing written and visual instructional material.
  • The personal and professional skills needed to be an in-demand session musician.
  • The standards and expectations of attending a music school or college.
  • Reviewing and critique of your drum parts, song structure and musical direction.
  • Helping you understand the inner workings of the drum industry, as it relates to commercial endorsements, the clinic and educational circuit, and industry support.
  • Any of the projects I have worked on, and Artists/bands I have worked with.


  • Long-time member of the Ringo Starr All Starr Band.
  • Impressive live and studio credits with top artists and bands, including ELO, Ray Charles, Joe Satriani, David Lee Roth, Santana, Duran-Duran, Don Henley and Steve Vai. Multi-Platinum album credits.
  • Contributed drums on over 50 albums, 15 movie soundtracks (including Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada, The Bucket List and Forgetting Sarah Marshall), and multiple television shows (including Friends, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune).
  • Published Author and Presenter of best-selling DVD “Musical Drumming in Different Styles”.
  • Respected veteran of multiple regional and world tours.

Additional Skills

Drums and PercussionAuditioning GuidanceLive PerformancePerformance CoachTouringSongwritingVoice-Over

Gregg Bissonette

Drummer for Ringo Starr. Also performed with David Lee Roth, Santana, ELO.

$4.33 / minute

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