Hi!  I'm the Co-founder of Musician's Council.  After spending 20 years starting, running, scaling and successfully exiting various software-based startups, I'm super excited to be part of something that is directly helping artists and musicians around the world!

Ask Me About

  • Business strategies and ideas.
  • Anything related to online marketing and building software solutions.
  • Ways to brand and promote yourself.
  • Anything related to the business aspects of your music career.


  • Bootstrapped last business, growing it from $0 - $3,000,000 in ARR, after starting with $5k.
  • I've been part of raising over $1MM.
  • Worked with teams sizes that range from 1 to 100 individuals.
  • I have successfully funded, merged and exited.
  • I have failed many times, and have learned important lessons with each failure.

Additional Skills

MarketingAdvertisingSocial MediaWeb Design

Micah Johnson

Co-Founder of Musician's Council.

$2.50 / minute

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