Hi - we are Studio West, and we are a full-service commercial studio and recording arts school in San Diego. Our clients include Blink 182, Ms Lauryn Hill, Arctic Monkeys, Jewel, and Queens of the Stone Age. We have a team of qualified/accredited Experts that can help solve your specific problems in anything relating to audio engineering, music production and videography.

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  • Any aspect of audio engineering. We can teach you the workflow of professional recording projects including signal flow, troubleshooting, acoustics, mic techniques and equipment selection.
  • How much is too much compression? What is convolution reverb? Is in-the-box really the only modern option for mixing? We can help you analyze mixes, discover techniques, develop good habits and practices, and get your mixes sounding better.
  • Software. What DAW is best for your project? ProTools, Ableton, Logic or something else? We can help you match the right software for your creative process, and train you on any aspect if these tools.
  • Any aspect of home or commercial studio design.
  • Music production. Uncover cutting edge and decades old production techniques, from comping and tuning to communicating with artists. Get guidance on developing your own individual approach.
  • Arranging music, music theory, video production, live sound, post production, voice over production, live broadcast, podcast production, audiobook production, remote recording, audio restoration and much more.


  • Impressive list of music clients, including Blink 182, Arctic Monkeys, Jewel, Queens of the Stone Age, Cowboy Junkies, Ike Turner, Patti Smith, Ms Lauryn Hill, and the Plain White T’s.
  • Successful outreach to major movie production companies for work on post-production, soundtrack and voiceover. Details in full bio.
  • Successful development of The Recording Arts Center, offering degree and diploma certifications in Music Production, as well as shorter specialized courses.
  • Active within the San Diego local community, with outreach to local schools, colleges and charitable/non-profit organizations.

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Studio West

Full-service Commercial Studio and Recording Arts School. Blink 182, Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys.

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